Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Toys. New Joys.

After being sick, I was able to get back into a regular workout routine at work. This week I decided to concentrate on running more than biking - my friend and I have that 5km race to prepare for, and I think running works the ol' ticker more.

Now that I am on days off, I need to make sure that I get into a routine as well - tonight I went to the pool, and did 500m in 30 mins. Felt pretty good. I have noticed that when I begin to get winded, my stroke gets extremely sloppy, and breathing becomes more difficult. I keep reading and hearing from others that you should not try to work at speed in the pool, but technique. I joined the YMCA in my area, and they have a triathlon swim class that I might look into.

Now as for the post title: I went into Cyclepath today and picked up a new road bike. A Giant Defy-1. It was my first time in Cyclepath, and the store Manager Clayton was great - helped me pick out everything I need to get started (bike, shoes, jersey, pedals, pump, repair kit), and they had my bike set up in no time. I would recommend this store to anyone looking for cycling related paraphernalia. Now I am even more committed to training, as if I don't use the equipment, my wife won't let me live it down!

I also picked up The Triathlete's Training Bible by Joe Friel, to try and educate myself more on training. It's hard as someone new because the information out there is very overwhelming...

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