Friday, March 16, 2012

Sickness. Setbacks. Second-thoughts.

So the day after I went for the swim, I, as well as every other member of the family, got the flu. Needless to say, for 5 days there was no workouts.

I started working out again the second day at work, and took it easy. I felt pretty depressed and started second-guessing things, because the unfortunate reality is that even when you are putting in the time and working out, you don't see immediate physical results. You must remember that it takes time for things to show. The good news is I am out of my funk (mentally) and I am noticing I am able to push harder, and I recover faster, from a good workout.

Now, stomach-wise I am still not "out of my funk". It's driving me nuts! I have been eating healthier, and mostly vegetarian (more on that to come...), but my stomach is not back to 100%.

First the right... then the left... keep moving forward.

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