Friday, May 11, 2012

New PR for 5km!

I was going to go for a slow long run last workout (I have been running 5kms regularily now and would like to increase it, maybe start at 6km or 8km...), but ended up seeing if I could push it and break my previous 5km PR (29:49). I really wanted to see if I could get under 29 mins.

The good news:

The only negative thing is that I really had to push myself at the end, and my HR went right up to maximum (maybe even over). But hey! There's a new 5km PR of 28:46. Now I just need to replecate it in a race to make it REALLY official....

In other news: I am reading The Triatlete's Training Bible. This is a VERY detailed book. And well written. But it seems WAY over my head! I think I will really learn to apply it in a year or two, but right now I am having trouble getting through it - most likely because I have not actually done a triathlon, and will not consider or call myself a Triathlete until I finish at least one.

But I think today I am confident to call myself a runner!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

MEC 5km Run

I just realized that I never posted about this run!

It was my first time running a 5km myself (as the previous one we did as a family). I will try and remember to right a race report, and post a few pictures.

The best part was running towards the finish line with my wife and three boys cheering me on! Meant the world to me...

Another Quick Update

Sorry for the lack of blogging - I find it hard to sit down and write... well honestly I find it hard to sit down and do anything requiring a certain amount of attention!

Tonight (or this morning as I am working night shifts) I took my new vibram fivefingers for a test run on the treadmill. I really like these shoes, and enjoyed the "barefoot" running experience. I took it at an easy pace, and did a 5km run in just over 35 mins. It definitely works a different set of muscles, and although I felt at that pace I could easily keep running, I didn't feel like pushing it.

Matt and I finished our 5km race, "The Big Run". It was a really fun event (at least for me ;-) ), and when we showed up that morning it was pouring rain. Both of us just had hoodies on (I didn't want to pin my race number on my rain coat). The good news is that it quickly turned to snow, so we didn't get as wet as we could have.

Check out Deb Tris, a great blog, and inspiration for those of us just starting out and getting healthy!