Friday, May 11, 2012

New PR for 5km!

I was going to go for a slow long run last workout (I have been running 5kms regularily now and would like to increase it, maybe start at 6km or 8km...), but ended up seeing if I could push it and break my previous 5km PR (29:49). I really wanted to see if I could get under 29 mins.

The good news:

The only negative thing is that I really had to push myself at the end, and my HR went right up to maximum (maybe even over). But hey! There's a new 5km PR of 28:46. Now I just need to replecate it in a race to make it REALLY official....

In other news: I am reading The Triatlete's Training Bible. This is a VERY detailed book. And well written. But it seems WAY over my head! I think I will really learn to apply it in a year or two, but right now I am having trouble getting through it - most likely because I have not actually done a triathlon, and will not consider or call myself a Triathlete until I finish at least one.

But I think today I am confident to call myself a runner!

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