Monday, March 5, 2012

Busy Week, a few self doubts...

Have finished a fairly successful week at work, workout wise. I worked out everyday, except Saturday (which is a rest day), mixed between the bike and the treadmill. Felt really tired after a few workouts, but all-in-all felt really good. Getting into a groove. Having the two race events really helps keep the motivation in the gym:

I recommend to anyone that is trying to remain consistent with their workouts to register for an event - any event - as it gives you something to train towards and keep you honest.

I printed off the race routes for the Sprint Triathlon in Chestermere. The swim portion looks really intimidating, as well as looking at the distance I will have to cover on the bike... twice. It scared me enough, and brought on enough self-doubt, that at this point I am not looking at registering for another triathlon in May. I might still throw in another running race though...

I finished reading two books:

- You Are An Ironman - by Jacques Steinberg.
Great read, that follows some weekend warriors as they train and compete in a full ironman distance race. HUGE motivation, and amazing stories. An easy read, that shows you the various backgrounds to those "age groupers" that complete these races (no pro stories in this book). It's great to see people that were in really poor health become motivated and change their life completely for the better. It's contagious.

- Your First Triathlon - Joel Friel

Great book for those of you starting like me, from basically sedentary, to training and trying your first Sprint distance triathlon. Easy read - I will be getting his "The Triathlete's Training Bible" to learn more about the art of training.

I have been doing TONS of reading on the interweb, to the point where all my coworkers think I am nuts. Can't wait to pass over the finish line...

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