Thursday, March 1, 2012

I know! I'll do a triathlon!... seemed smart at the time...

Over the last year, I have been making an honest effort to get in shape, mostly at work. As stated in a previous post, my coworkers are a great motivator. Over the last couple of months I have even been getting in an average of 2 workouts per day (at home it's more like never). I have not noticed any huge changes in my physical appearance, but I can honestly say I feel healthier, and am less tired at times - I have grown to enjoy working out.

In order to continue this trend, and to give a goal to work towards, I did the following:

I was sitting in front of the computer, looking at different running events this year (I really enjoyed the 5km run we did as a family), and came upon a few listings for triathlons. I used to work with someone that was REALLY into triathlons, and I always thought they were just plain crazy - "Who in their right mind would want to do that?". This time, something just changed, and I thought - "Hey... why not?". So I signed up for a "Try It" distance at this year's Lake Chestermere Triathlon (details here).

I got really excited. It seems crazy, to go from a general couch-potatoe, to completing a triathlon, but I thought it would be just the motivation I need to continue working out.

I have now become hooked. I have purchased a training book, a wetsuit, and some goggles. I have been training on the spin bikes, and treadmill at work, and hope to get into a pool in my next days off. I read articles. I watch Ironman re-runs on Youtube. Yes I am a big nerd. But I like the idea of having a sport to train in. And the variety of skills (i.e. running, biking and swimming) means a personality like mine should not get bored as easily.

The initial training has gone so well, that I have actually upped the anti, and upgraded to the Sprint distance. I will be completing a 750m swim, a 23.3km bike and a 5km run. I have also registered with my friend in a 5km race in May, and I am contemplating another Sprint-length triathlon at the end of May or June.

Now to start "officially" training...

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