Saturday, July 14, 2012


Twas the night before my first race...

Getting nervous and excited for tomorrow! This afternoon I attended the pre-race session and got to see the course in person. This helped immensely - highly recommend it to newbies! The swim distance is daunting, but doable. The first leg of the bike is uphill, as well as a good section of the run - but the great thing about the ups, is there is always the downs.

I put everything out on the bed, and packed my bag. I really hope I am not forgetting anything at all!
I think that is my biggest fear - not finishing the race do to some technical issue.

Found this great article out (click here in pdf) from 220 Triathlon Magazine, written by Chrissie Wellington. Some great advice. If you check out her website, she has some other great articles on Open Water Swimming and such.

Off to bed...

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  1. Too late for you to read this now, but I hope the race goes great!