Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing" - Hellen Keller

I just turned 30 the other month. Granted that's not old, but it was tougher than I thought. Even though I have accomplished lots, I always wanted to get in shape. Motivation isn't exactly my strong point. I like lazy. It's easy. We all know the health benefits of an active lifestyle. And now that I have my 3 boys, you start to realize that not only do you want to live long to be with them, you want to be a good role model for them too. So lazy has to go.

In order to get myself in shape (finally) I have decided to enter into a 36 hour adventure race - The Full Moon in June. Mountain biking, paddling, hiking... it will be CRAZY! And the most difficult thing I have ever done - at least physically. I will have to begin training now in order to be even somewhat prepared.

So I decided to start this blog, because I figure my biggest hurdle will be my laziness, and I hope that by making this public I will feel obligated to see this through to the end. I am really looking forward to the adventure, and I am really excited that I managed to talk my best friend into joining the team. I new I could count on him getting in over his head as well.